Bands who played in 2012 and previous years were:

small world
renegades the hobys dan & thomas
the hoops cushla cushla 2006
waxies battle of the bands hobys on stage
singer graham monaghan and tall friend
Young Darragh singing on stage
john suba waxie
small world and pappy man renegades 2006 small world 2006
cushla ken and fin swinging paddies
devils bit danny contemplates a pint danny from sin e goes surfing
eden on stage kenny,vivian and michael sin e and hobys
sin e 2 the hobys 2005
small world and pap small world and renegade nigel trudy plays ymca
the mangled badgers mangled badgers in actions



THE WAXIES - Were at The Shamrock in the days before it had air conditioning!


THE SWINGING PADDY'S - Always a big hit at The Shamrock. - the web page of The Shamrock Live Music Bar, Santa Ponsa, Mallorca