Sinead Gallagher, Elaine Doherty, Maggie McGeehan, Noreen Gallagher trying to look sober for their folks back home (they failed the other 13 nights!)

Do we know how to enjoy ourselves at The Shamrock?

The Renegades with Claire Allen, a great singer from Carrigaline, Co. Cork

Dublin and Donegal supporters during the All Ireland Quarter Final ... Dublin won!

Another night of joyous celebration!

How can two ugly lookin' lads that pull a girl that good looking?

The Shamrock is so good that even the staff drink there after work!

The Renegades with Celtic goalkeeper Rab Douglas

Some happy Dubs ... or are they Mexicans?

Happy Dubs after the win over Donegal

...and yet another great night in The Shamrock.

...and yet another!

How does this man do it!!!

Just good friends, or what?

Kenny the Shamrock glass collector makes women faint! Mind you, so do seven Smirnoff Ices...

Joan, Damien and Sasha ... Damien is the one doing the impersonation of the Panda Bear - and Octopus!

The Shamrock/Dickeys day out - and what a sober day that was as you can imagine.

Emma, kenny, Peter and John, and you thought all they did was drink - no, they occasionally stay sober long enough to have something to eat!

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